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​Fior has a love of all things fashion and art, having started in fashion at a very young age. After completing a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) with Honours at UTS in 1999, working for high end Australian fashion designers, and creating a clothing label of her own, Fior made the progression to the film industry, working in all areas of costume across feature films, drama and advertising.

Notable career highlights have included working on numerous award winning commercials, filming music videos in LA, working on feature films Australia, Happy Feet, Superman Returns, Star Wars II & III and The Matrix, and leading a costume team for 2500 cast at the Asian Games ceremonies in Qatar.​

With over 20 years of experience in costume, Fior currently focuses on tv commercials and advertising stills. Holding the same passion as when she started, Fior’s expertise includes working on small scale productions managing limited budgets, to large productions styling hundreds of cast. Fior is Melbourne-based, yet (happy &) able to travel for work.

Skills & Services
  • Costume design

  • Fashion design

  • Textile design & print

  • Pattern making

  • Sewing and construction

  • Cutting

  • Costume art finishing

  • Efficient buying and budget management 

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